Left Abroad #3: Podcasting Spanish Politics with Alan McGuire

I talked to British writer, teacher, podcaster, and fellow immigrant to Spain Alan McGuire last week about politics, books, and his own podcast Sobremesa.

There’s a dearth of in-depth information in written or podcast form in English about Spanish politics that doesn’t have the same tired tourism angle and I wanted to talk to him about how he came to Spain, his own political trajectory, and why he decided to start his project.

It ran a little long, but Alan and I have quite a bit in common. Thanks to Alan for taking the time to and to you for listening to Left Abroad. Please give us your honest review on Apple Podcasts if you get a chance.

Show Notes

Left Abroad #2: Getting Out and Coming Home with Alex Ugarte

This episode was a special one because it was actually Alex who inspired me to get a microphone and try podcasting after we met in Nicaragua around three years ago. We talked about his own podcast and film projects in Central America, returning back home to Australia, and what he’s planning during these strange times.

Eventually, I’ll get a proper intro and outro to these.

Thanks for listening.


Left Abroad #1: Catching Up with Hussein Al-Deb’i in Central Portugal

Por fin! Hudy and I had a chance to catch up on the finca he and his wife Vanessa recently bought near Oleiros, Portugal. We talked about their honeymoon in Latin America, his background, their business Power Provida, and buying a 10-hectare estate in very rural Portugal. Thanks to Hudy for sitting down with me.