What We Need

I have no sage advice on dealing with what comes tonight and the days ahead. Any potential electoral result, and that includes a Biden blowout, will not be what America actually needs to improve the material conditions of its citizens, eradicate inequality and racism, and stave off climate catastrophe, much less govern in a way that doesn’t alienate half the population.

Keyboard Fails

The Smart Keyboard for my tablet finally gave up a few days ago. For the last year, I had needed to reconnect it constantly, smash random buttons, or run a magnet over it to get it working. It’s a shame, I loved how thin it was.

I’m going to hold on to it for a few more months or perhaps still use it as a cover when I travel. But at home, I’m now using the Brydge II bluetooth keyboard. I bought this in Germany and initially really liked the way it made my iPad turn into a MacBook (friends would get confused when they reached for a trackpad and it wasn’t there). But there’s no place for the Pencil, a few of the keys feel unresponsive, and taking the tablet out to make it a tablet is a pain. Not wanting to buy any replacement, I’m managing with this and a busted Logitech mouse. It works well enough.

Beyond the Vote

What if instead of the Democratic Party pushing absolutely mediocre democratic candidates, who run to the center every time the right moves further right, we started thinking beyond Trump and “getting back to normal”?

Does anyone actually believe normalcy will return? Let’s acknowledge that the current president is simply a vulgar symptom of larger societal issues that have plagued for a long time, and find alternative solutions, wherever they may be found.

We could’ve started with a candidate who cares about working families, but watercarriers for the DNC always pin their hope and dreams on centrist politicians who stand for nothing.

I get it. The GOP is worse. Fine. But let’s also not scold critics of the other side because it might ‘play into Trump’s hands’. Trust me, if Biden loses, it won’t be because of leftists not voting. Think of the 40% of non-voters.

Now, for Ferrite

I finally used my Røde mics and the lightning audio interface plugged into my phone to record my friend Hudy and I on Quinta Laila. Now, it’s time to split the channels, figure out how to use Ferrite, and publish. Insha’Allāh, it’ll be out before Friday.