Por fin.

A few days ago, we left the coast and moved into a small house in a village of around sixty inhabitants. Situated on a carretera secundaria, up a small monte, we’re a few kilometers outside a town of 6,000 people, from which is a 25-minute drive to Ourense.

We’ve met a few neighbors, who’ve already generously given us apples from a small orchard across the street and candied pecans. We have fresh bread delivered every morning and even though we are on a carretera segunda, there aren’t many passing cars throughout the day. We are almost definitely the youngest people in the village.

Yesterday, we took a walk further up the monte with Alqo. The feeling of having lush, beautiful forests to enjoy so close, without needing to drive, is unmatched.

I can get very used to this fresh morning air and quiet rainy evenings, dawn to dusk filled with birdsong and incredible views.

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