Excluding a lightly-used Kindle, the human section of my household tries to commit to a four smart device maximum: a phone for each of us, a laptop for Patricia, and a tablet for me. We don’t own a television, nor voice-in-a-tube assistants, smart lights, etc. We don’t even own a microwave. I still grind coffee beans by hand. But technology is pretty cool. Here’s what I use.


  • iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB + AirPods
  • MacBook Air M1 256 GB + Nexstand K2 and Magic Keyboard


  • Default Apps: Notes, Reminders, Files, and Calendar
  • Writing: iA Writer, Drafts, MindNode
  • Reading: PDF Viewer, Books, Reeder
  • Budget: Pennies
  • Media: Darkroom, Moment Camera, Overcast, Netflix (thanks Chris) Spotify (thanks Regan), Ferrite
  • Automation: Shortcuts, Opener, 1Password
  • Storage: iCloud


  • Photos: Moment 18mm wide and 58mm telephoto lenses
  • Audio: Røde SC6-L interface and two smartLav+ mics