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A #FollowFriday, Part I

For those of us wanting to leave Twitter and other silos behind and focus more on microblogging on our own domains, discovering new people to follow can be a little tricky. Manton Reece has a Discover tab on to find people, but the service is still in its infancy.

Colin Devroe suggested a #FollowFriday movement. I’ll start off with two bloggers I’m enjoying. Feel free to use webmentions for your own lists! Please correct me if anyone else has started this, I haven’t had great connectivity for the last few weeks.

  1. Colin Walker: I talked to Colin a few times through the Indie Microblogging Slack. Not only is his blog interesting and original, he also helped me out with a few of my own microblog‘s functions and tweaks. I’m also inspired by his microcasting, something I’ve been putting off doing. He recently hit 1000 posts but I missed it until today! Thanks Colin!
  2. Colin Devroe: The person who suggested a #FollowFriday should definitely be followed! The first thing I noticed about Colin’s blog was his use of Anders Noren’s Davis theme1. It looks like he has done a ton of work to get Davis functional for multiple post formats. Colin’s post about some features in iOS 11 was featured on Jim Dalrymple and Dave Mark’s The Loop.

I could also write more about a few other microbloggers like Jack Baty, Chris Aldrich, and Craig McClellan, but I’ll leave it to others to highlight theirs and other blogs.

We could also pick another day, but I love Colin’s idea. What do you all think?

  1. I’m a former chronic WordPress theme window shopper. 


  • Chris Aldrich
  • FollowFriday, belated – Colin Devroe




  1. @nitinkhanna Yes! Honestly, I just kept coming back to Independent Publisher. There’s only a few things that I can’t figure out on my own. But the rest is just great. I looked at Davis and Hoffman from Anders Noren but that’s really it. What about you? I see you’re on Independent Publisher as well! 👍🏼

  2. @jimmymansaray Indie is just too beautiful to change! I love how much support the dev has for it. I keep looking at centered, clean, white themes though! 😀

    My previous was Decode.

    What I should look for is a template for my micro/liveblog –

    It’s not WP or though, so theming is a pain!

  3. @nitinkhanna Not too many changes so far. I show titles for non standard types that have them. Plus a few typographical tweaks. And the background color (that I still don’t like 🙂 ). I basically cloned it as a base for future changes.

  4. @nitinkhanna Yeah, Raam is really active with its development. I do have a few tweaks I’m still trying out;

    centering the menu’s items in phone view
    making a photo post’s image clickable as a permalink on main posts view

    Do you know any functions to add to a child theme to enable those?

  5. @nitinkhanna Sorry, I meant when looking through the main page of posts; images, standard, links, etc. A photo will show but you have to click the small date to access permalink and see title, photo, and meta. At least with mine I can’t just click the image in the posts view to get to that image/post’s permalink.

  6. @jimmymansaray I think Independent publisher does this well. When you’re on the main page (called the ‘loop’ by some), you can see a post’s title and the featured image and when you click on the featured image, you get to the post. See example here on post titled Indepedent Publisher v1.8. The way to achieve this is using the the_permalink tag on the a-tag which surrounds the image. See example here. Search for the comment – “Only show featured image for Standard post and gallery post formats” and see the if condition right below it. If you have any trouble implementing it, tell me the theme you use and I’ll give you a gist to copy-paste. Cheers! 🙂

  7. A #followfriday for micro.blogs is certainly a good idea, but there’s something odd about the way Jimmy Baum’s site renders webmentions. I’m seeing Chris Aldrich’s comment — which brought me there in the first place — as “Chris Aldrich mentioned this Article on”.
    Shouldn’t it be “Chris Aldrich mentioned this Article on”?

    • Hmm. I just saw this. I recently updated the WordPress IndieWeb plugin but I haven’t toyed with anything on webmentions, mostly out of ignorance and laziness.


  • Chris Aldrich mentioned this Article on

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