Staying Put

Photo Credit: Patricia de León

Chicama and Huanchaco, Peru are giving us Mauritania nostalgia but the surf is good and we’re here for the next two weeks to get things done. Not much to update about (No more aspirational posts), but good progress on both proofreading course and fantasy stories.

Hostels and Airbnb

Yesterday I noted how amazing it was to meet and spend time with new friends from our hostel in Zipolite. I think many of us these days would rather choose the comfort, security, privacy, and wifi of an Airbnb over a cramped but cheap hostel with abysmal internet. I count myself in that group as well. But if we had done so, Zipolite would have just become another beach town; devoid of memories, countless opportunities to talk with interesting people, and practice Spanish.

I’m not saying every single hostel is fantastic and your new temporary roommates are always amazing and friendly. In fact, the last hostel we stayed more than a night didn’t have the best community spirit. But those other experience. led us to this one

Staying in hostels allows us to meet great people with totally different worldviews; Rasta artisans from Mexico and France, gap year travelers from Australia, Argentine immigrants looking to open a cafe or restaurant, and surfers from Japan. We saved a lot of money. We went out to dinner and to other beachside hangouts. I also met another Jimmy, who introduced me to a breathing meditation practice.

It can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there so much. Luckily, my travel companion is much better at socializing with new people than I am! But try it. You’ll meet more people, laugh more, and save money. Maybe someone will also teach you to breathe?