Monday 8:49 AM

From the Verge: “The ACE Submarine cable cut out, dropping connectivity for much of West Africa. According to reports, the breach came off the coast of Mauritania, resulting in significant connectivity drops for at least ten neighboring countries. Mauritania itself was offline for nearly 48 hours before connectivity was partially restored. Other countries had enough terrestrial cable and satellite connections to route around the downed cable, but they still saw significant disruptions in internet access for most of the weekend.”

Heaven’s Vault is a game about translating an ancient alien language

Andrew Webster writing at the Verge:

The language itself has around 1,000 words, and the team describes it as being “logically constructed.” The idea is that the symbols aren’t random; each has a meaning, and that meaning is always the same. The language is inspired in part by other image-heavy languages like Cantonese and German, where many smaller words are often combined to create a larger concept. “As you find different words that use the same glyphs, you might get the idea of related concepts,” Inkle’s other co-founder, Joseph Humfrey, explains. “But we don’t ever tell you exactly what the glyphs mean. Sometimes you’ll come across an inscription that is literally impossible for you to solve.”

I’m totally sold on this concept. And I’m very happy to hear there’s an iOS version in the works.