What will you do with your surplus?

Seth Godin on his blog:

If you have a safe place to sleep, reasonable health and food in the fridge, you’re probably living with surplus. You have enough breathing room to devote an hour to watching TV, or having an argument you don’t need to have, or simply messing around online. You have time and leverage and technology and trust.

For many people, this surplus is bigger than any human on Earth could have imagined just a hundred years ago.
What will you spend it on?

If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.

I’ve been thinking this a lot. Patricia and I both have moments when we feel very guilty about our surplus of time and money that allows us to travel indefinitely. While we are both working on other projects, I couldn’t say either of mine are lifeguard duty.

This morning, I read about a woman from Vigo who helps refugees without ever leaving her couch.

How can we be lifeguards?