Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page includes a bit of what I’m thinking about and working on right now.

Each time I head down to Madrid, the more I appreciate non-city living. I breathe easier and prefer the space.

The Volkswagen is being insulated this week. It’s almost time to hit the road.

I’m thinking more about how to express myself creatively and intellectually. To those ends, I’m writing a book and conceptualizing a podcast.

The book is set around a fantastical Upper Guinea coast in the eighteenth century and is influenced by westerns and Mandé epics. The podcast will be stories about people on the road to somewhere, physically and/or metaphysically.

Unlike the first iteration of this blog, I will not post progress or more information until they are finished.

Even through fascism is reawakening in the world, I feel pretty energized.

Last updated: 11 December 2018 in Villanueva de la Cañada.