What I’m Up To Now (COVID-19 Edition)

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page includes a bit of what I’m working on and thinking about right now.

Now. After almost a week in self-quarantine, I can barely plan for a future past the next day. And there’s not really a point to doing so otherwise. I think we’re entering a long tunnel that we can’t see the end of. It can be anxiety-inducing but only if you let it. While acknowledging the utter destruction that the crises of capitalism and this virus will produce, including loss of life and deprivation, I have to remain curious to what world we will see when we emerge and what world we must all work to create, whenever that is.

So I thought it would be apt to re-write the /now page for our new reality.

  • I’m still able to work. I have around 4 or 5 classes most days. My students are from Mainland China and haven’t resumed school yet. (I did hear from a few they attend regular school from the television.) I spend a few hours doing web design in the afternoons for Hoja Viva which is funded through an entrepreneurial grant from the German state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. I haven’t found the time or energy to building other sites so much right now.
  • My morning gym routine has been smashed into little pieces. Working from home even before the lockdown, I felt isolated from our town and more social contacts outside of my partner and dog. I used to enjoy walking down to town in the early mornings, interacting with a few neighbors already heading to their gardens, taking different routes to the bottom of town near the river, and working out with the elliptical, the rowing machine, weights and doing some calisthenics rotations. Now, I use an app called Seven to keep me from slacking off.
  • I’m writing more, on my blog and on my fiction projects. I’m reading Karl Marx’s Capital, with auxiliary lectures from Professor David Harvey.
  • Thankfully, we’re still able to go into the woods with our dog, but we’ve heard that axentes forestais are discouraging even that if they find people on trails. I haven’t seen a soul on the monte for a week.

All told, we are lucky. I still get to live with my favorite person and dog in the world. We didn’t go out to eat so much, so our diet or cooking habits haven’t changed. And we’re still in one of the most depopulated provinces of Spain. What does keep me vigilant is the advanced age of our neighbors. So we remain inside, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable…? Be safe, wherever you are.

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Last updated: 19 March 2020 from Allariz