Friday 7:02 PM

Couchsurfing has led to some amazing connections over the years. Here in a small village near Huánuco, Peru, Patricia and I have been spoiled by Rosa and her daughter-in-law Flor (Flor’s husband Aldo is away on a work assignment). They have a fruit and veggie garden, tons of chicken, a couple of geese, two German Shepherds, and a lazy cat named Gringa. Today, Flor took us up to Piscacocha, which means five lagunas in Quechua. The hike was wet, muddy, and steep, but the views were incredible. We only made it to the fourth laguna.

Saturday 7:04 PM

Austin Kleon in a post about better images:

Images matter. The images we hold in our mind are often the images that come true for us. When some warmongering asshole gets put in a position of power and you people (even jokingly) tweet things like “we’re all going to die” (well, duh, that’s always been true) we’re making bad images. So if we are to survive, we need to create and capture and share better images.