Thursday 11:13 AM

“When we lose languages we’re losing knowledge,” estimates show that of the more than 100 languages indigenous to what is now California, only half still have living speakers. “We’re losing not just a set of words, its grammar, we’re losing whole philosophical systems, oral-literature systems, ceremonial systems, and social systems along with the language. So language is one of an array of cultural phenomena that are going away.”

The Tongva Language

Thursday 10:41 AM

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team signed a secret agreement with the Democratic National Committee in August of 2015 that helped ensure she would win the presidential nomination over her rivals including Sen. Bernie Sanders. That agreement said that Clinton would infuse the party with cash in exchange for control over the party’s finances, strategy, future money raised, and the right to control staff including the party’s communications director.

Hillary had a secret deal with the DNC to stop Bernie