Sunday 12:18 PM

“In fact, both Sullivan’s and Mounk’s complaints — that Americans appear to be isolated, viciously competitive, suspicious of one another and spiritually shallow; and that we are anxiously looking for some kind of attachment to something real and profound in an age of decreasing trust and regard — seem to be emblematic of capitalism, which encourages and requires fierce individualism, self-interested disregard for the other, and resentment of arrangements into which one deposits more than he or she withdraws. (As a business-savvy friend once remarked: Nobody gets rich off of bilateral transactions where everybody knows what they’re doing.) Capitalism is an ideology that is far more encompassing than it admits, and one that turns every relationship into a calculable exchange. Bodies, time, energy, creativity, love — all become commodities to be priced and sold. Alienation reigns. There is no room for sustained contemplation and little interest in public morality; everything collapses down to the level of the atomized individual.”

Why Americans should give socialism a try

Friday 8:19 AM

I tried Meditation Studio this morning, starting with Elisha Goldstein’s Starter Series. I haven’t made mindfulness a daily habit yet, but I got hooked on something he said:

Be present to your life.

Every time I take ten minutes to close my eyes, breathe, and try to focus my attention, I feel present. Here’s to making this a habit.

Monday 5:35 PM

I read Dune in August of 2012 in almost one sitting; cramped and hot in the front seat of a bush taxi from Labé, Guinea to Gabú, Guinea-Bissau. I couldn’t put it down. It was the first science fiction novel I read. I’m looking forward to finishing The Book of Dune episode of Imaginary Worlds.