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PDF Expert 6 Adds Powerful Editing Tools and More

Readdle updated PDF Expert for iOS yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about the addition of outline editing. With the previous version of PDF Expert, mobile users who read and annotate PDFs on iOS would have to move over to their laptop if they wanted to create or edit an outline.

John Voorhees writing at MacStories:

Outlines are not new to PDF Expert, but editing them is. Now you can think of outlines as an elaborate, organized bookmarking system for long PDFs. Instead of defining a flat hierarchy of bookmarks for every section of a PDF you want to access quickly, you can create multi-level outlines tied to particular pages in a document. It’s another excellent tool for researchers who want to quickly jump to a topic in a lengthy PDF.

What I would love to see now is the option to turn the PDF Expert icon into the Documents icon, because one is much nicer than the other.



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