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Before the Hurricane

With Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, José, and Tropical Storm Katia in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, we need to start accepting the fact of climate change. It’s happening. Now, besides the immediate priority of reducing emissions and other strategies, how can we keep people safe?

Branko Marcetic writing for Jacobin:

“…what if I told you there was a country that has survived its last seventeen hurricanes with only thirty-five deaths? What if that country demonstrated exactly the kind of society-wide solidarity we envy the fire ants for? And what if that country had a GDP that was a fraction of the United States’?

In Marcetic’s article in the fantastic Jacobin Magazine1, Cuba’s hurricane prevention program has four facets:

  1. Cuba is always preparing for the next hurricane
  2. Everyone is mobilized.
  3. Vulnerable communities are taken care of.
  4. The protection of personal property is guaranteed, among a host of other unique measures.

We should start following Cuba’s example. Because “the effects of climate change are already upon us”.

  1. If you are at all interested in Leftism, Jacobin is a great daily read.