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Free Time

There’s usually a simple third question exchanged among travelers, after names and countries of origin:

“What do you do?

I used to teach. But now?

With the amount of free time I have, I do many things now.

  • explore new villages and towns
  • buy local fruits and vegetables
  • cook with my wife
  • write novella ideas in my notebook
  • read
  • practice Spanish
  • learn new things like surfing
  • make coffee with my tiny cafetera
  • hike
  • work on my proofreading course
  • meet new people

I did many of these things when I worked full time, but they aren’t weekend activities or things to do after work. These are my days.

We use our free time to get inspired and to organize our life in ways to not need as much money to live it. How are you using your free time?