Embracing Your Theme

The WordPress theme for Among the Stones is almost perfect. I was thinking about post formats today; especially asides, statuses, and links. The asides don’t show dates in the meta info, signifying that an aside is more evergreen and lasting than say a status post. Links have shrunken titles to highlight authored posts like standard or others. It’s brilliant. My restless time of searching for newer and interesting themes has come to a close.

Workaway and Writing

We’ve been working at a hostel in Puerto Escondido for the last week though Workaway. It’s a place for hosts who have some type of business and want volunteers to help them. The host provides accommodation. Some provide meals as well. Here, there’s not much to do; bathrooms, sweeping, and some painting and art projects around. At night, I have a lot of time to write. I’ve been staying up way too late to take advantage of those quiet hours.