My name is Jimmy. I was born and raised near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in California. I studied linguistics in Oregon. After that, I taught middle school English in Sierra Leone with the U.S. Peace Corps and primary school in Mauritania at an international school. Now, I’m on the road full-time in Latin America while working on a proofreading course and writing fantasy.

Me and my mother near Tiwilit, Mauritania — January 2015

Among the Stones is my space on the open and independent web.

  • I practice Islam, believe in socialism, and eat vegetarian
  • I’m married to an incredible madrileña
  • I have a much cooler twin brother

Some of the things I’m interested in are:

education and literacy, travel, linguistics (Mande languages), Islamic studies, history, surfing, the van life, language learning (particularly Spanish, French, and Arabic), camping, writing, West Africa, Mediterranean Europe, agriculture, cooking, notebooks, podcasts, Wikipedia, fantasy novels, walking, coasts and mountains, photography, iOS, and the environment.

Why Among the Stones?

The phrase among the stones is the approximate translation in Loko of my host village in Sierra Leone when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. Many place names in Sierra Leone refer to local history or physical geography. In the case of this particular village, it is surrounded by many rocky patches and was named by a hunter named Manso Fahai (fahai also being the plural form of a ‘stone that cannot break’). It is somewhere I felt very comfortable and reminds me of my time spent there.


You’ll occasionally find Apple affiliate links for iOS apps and iBooks, Google Maps, and the unabashed use of the metric system.