Hello. My name is Jimmy. I grew up near the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains in Southern California and studied linguistics in Oregon. I taught with the U.S. Peace Corps in rural Sierra Leone and at an international school in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. After a year through Latin America with my wife, we now live in Germany with our Peruvian dog, sometimes in a van. I teach, write different things, and try to live simply.

I practice Islam, eat vegetarian, believe in the desirability and necessity of democratic eco-socialism, and try to read widely. The phrase among the stones is the translated Loko toponym of my host village in Sierra Leone.

I’m also interested in reducing my consumption and carbon footprint, the human condition, literacy and education, budget travel, hiking, linguistics (Central-West Mandé), Islamic studies, coffee and tea, conversations, learning and practicing languages (Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Galician with varying degrees of effort), camping and the #vanlife, nature documentaries, maps of all kinds, (folk, indie, and reggae) music, gardening, cooking, the Iberian Peninsula and West Africa, notebooks and lists, history, the American transcendentalists and Rūmī, cultural anthropology, Murray Bookchin, podcasts, entheogens, Wikipedia, fantasy novels, photographing mountains and coasts, iOS, the intersection of science and faith, and climate justice.

Annotated emphases and photos are mine, unless otherwise indicated. I unabashedly link to Wikipedia and Jacobin magazine. You can contact me at jmbaum@gmail.com or @amongthestones.