Hello. My name is Jimmy. I grew up on originally Tongva land, near the foothills of what we now call the San Gabriel mountains in Southern California, and studied linguistics in Oregon. I taught for years in West Africa, with the U.S. Peace Corps in rural Sierra Leone and at an international school in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Now, I build WordPress sites, work on technology things for a wellness project in Germany and Portugal, teach English, , and write in my spare time. I live in Galicia, Spain with my wife and our Peruvian pup Alqo.

I eat vegetarian, read widely, believe in the necessity of democratic eco-socialism, overuse commas, self-identify primarily as a philomath, and practice Islam. The phrase among the stones is the translated Loko (Landogo) toponym of my host village in northern Sierra Leone.

Among the Stones is a blog for things like life as an estranxeiro in Galicia, WordPress, ecology, language, faith, politics, and anything else.

I’m also interested in literacy, hiking, Mandé linguistics, learning and practicing languages (Spanish, Galician, and French), camping and the #vanlife, nature documentaries, the history of Upper Guinea, music, maps, permaculture, cooking, notebooks, the American transcendentalists and Rūmī, cultural anthropology, Murray Bookchin, podcasts, Wikipedia, fantasy novels, photography, iOS, and working towards a low-carbon future.

The experiences and people we encountered on a year backpacking through Latin America, followed by a brief stay in Germany, reinforced our desire to slow down our pace of travel, move to a rural area, and organize our life in the way we want. We try to reduce our footprint by consuming less than we used to, shopping secondhand, avoiding the purchase of single-use plastics as much as possible, flying less, and advocating a left politics; democratic, ecological, anti-capitalist.

Highlights, emphases, other annotations, and photos are mine, unless otherwise indicated. I shamelessly link to Wikipedia (use citations) and Twitter. You can contact me via email or @amongthestones. Alternatively, you can support this blog and upcoming podcast for the price of a coffee. Thanks!