Hello. My name is Jimmy. I grew up near the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains in Southern California and studied linguistics in Oregon. I taught middle school with the U.S. Peace Corps in Sierra Leone and primary school and technology in Mauritania at an international school. Now, I’m in Spain with my wife and dog.

I eat vegetarian, read widely, believe in the future and necessity of democratic socialism, and practice Islam. The phrase among the stones is the translated Loko toponym for my host village in Sierra Leone.

The things I’m interested in are:

education and literacy, travel, hiking, linguistics (Mande languages), Islamic studies, history, van life, maps, language learning (Spanish, French, Galician, and Arabic), camping, West Africa, Europe, agriculture, cooking, notebooks, anthropology, Marxism, podcasts, Wikipedia, fantasy novels, coastlines, mountains, photography, iOS, lists, and the environment.

Those will end up here in some way or another. Photos are mostly mine, unless otherwise stated. You can contact me via email at jmbaum@gmail.com or @amongthestones.