A Vegetarian Oasis in the Heart of Arequipa

South America is all about carne. Most of the time, we stick to the amazing local markets, head back to our hostel, Airbnb, or Couchsurfing host’s place, and cook for ourselves. But I’m so happy we decided to try Omphalos, a small vegan/vegetarian restaurant close to to Plaza de Armas in central Arequipa.

This meal was incredible. We started off with vegan salchipapas, normally a sausage/potato combo. Here, it’s made from seitan and potatoes. They added some meat spices for the seitan and it tasted delicious.

Patricia and I split a desayuno americano with mango juice, good coffee, and a chickpea hamburger. We cook lentil burgers for non-vegetarian friends (and ourselves of course), but I think chickpea burgers are my favorite. I forgot to photograph the burger. I still feel weird about taking photos of food when we’re out and about. We finished it off with a vegan chocolate mango cake.

We try to be deliberate about eating out now. It’s not always feasible but it’s already a much different mindset than the one I grew up with. With this meal, it did not disappoint.

Friday 8:01 AM

Khaled Abou Alfa wrote about maintaining perspective about how far Micro.blog and Manton have come in a short time. I’m surprised there’s even an issue. Micro.blog’s mission, as I see it, has been to get back people to blogging and owning their content. It’s been a success so far. Sunlit and Wavelength are not core features. You can microcast and photoblog without these.

Yes, let’s maintain some perspective, not just about technology and which OS is favored, but about the space it should occupy in our real lives. Online mini-outrages are unnecessary.

Thursday 2:06 PM

Patricia and I started a iCloud shared album to show family our photos when we began traveling in Mexico last August. Now, we are inviting friends. If they don’t have an Apple ID, we send them the iCloud link. So far, seems to be working well.

Instead of deleting all my social networks, I’m holding on to @amongthestones for Twitter and Instagram as nameholders.

Thursday 7:39 AM

It’s good to hear that Chad was removed from Trump’s Muslim-majority travel ban list, especially since it was only added to the list when it “ran out of passport paper which prevented it from supplying the homeland security department with samples.”