Sunday 8:00 AM

I might add another category of posts here; simple and delicious recipes to make on the road or at home. Local food and conscious eating have been a huge part of our trip. So look out for one of my favorites soon.

I’m also trying out iA Writer again. I love Ulysses but do not want to subscribe to software, if I can help it.


The 24-hour news cycle is not for me anymore. I imagine a lot of people feel the same. I can’t do anything about what’s happening on a macro-level. I try to tread lightly on this earth, wide awake, conscious of my thoughts and actions. This can be my contribution.

I still love knowing. Screens and the internet have exponentially expanded my interests and knowledge of current events. But often there is no beneficial action or mental change I can make after I read or see something noteworthy. It doesn’t bring immediate value to my life, except maybe some low-grade anxiety.

I cut out most news and found different sources. Places on the internet, often more independent, with interesting articles, podcasts, and videos that inspire me or bring some direct and meaningful benefit than just knowing; writing tips, things on Islam and mindfulness, vegetarian/vegan recipes, surfing videos, history PDFs, vanlife forums, language learning blogs, etc.

Jason Kottke is an inspirational example. For twenty years, he has been independently curating amazing things on art, history, philosophy, and science — occasionally topical, but never “breaking”. His job is to share his interests with us. Que suerte tiene.

For now, I satiate my online curiosity like this:

  • Reeder for RSS feeds, mostly indie bloggers from the community, some surfing blogs, a few technology sites, and miscellaneous feeds.
  • Instapaper for saving articles I’m interested in reading later, and taking away all the formatting to make it more readable.
  • Pinboard and Pinner for things I want to hold on to, for research or otherwise. I have an IFTTT applet running that archives liked Instapaper items to Pinboard.

My unintentional objective was to distance myself from the virality of the internet. I turned off any sharing feature on Instapaper from day one. I quit Twitter. I still have a news app on my home screen but thirty seconds after clicking it, I usually close it. I’ll keep it there to measure how little desire I have to keep informed over time.

More than anything, I’m just trying to take care of myself these days; my body, my brain, and my soul. Because this is it. And when I can take care of myself, I can care of my family, the animals and plants I see, and the spaces I occupy.

Surfing, Yoga, and the Elements to a Peaceful Life

I’m only a few weeks into surfing, but Shawn Zappo’s interview with Gerry Lopez at Surf + Abide resonated a bit with me:

I’ve always said that I thought that the first 20 years that I surfed were just kind of a test to see if I was really interested or not. It wasn’t until after that that I started to understand that there were some great lessons that I learned from surfing. I think that’s why surfing has such an appeal to many people. Just as in yoga, a great deal of the surfing experience, as well as life experience, kind of happens in this unseen realm, this place that you can’t really see or touch, but it’s influencing you all the time. In yoga the energy is called “Prana” but that same Prana is really evident in surfing. You might start your session tired or frustrated after a long day, but once you’re out there in the water and you get a good ride, you feel like you can surf for another six hours. You can get so much energy from one good ride.

That is something that is pretty intangible, but it’s real. It happens all the time. So when you connect with surfing or with yoga in that way, you really understand that there is a whole world there that you want to get in touch with and be a part of.

Twenty years of surfing and then he started learning lessons from it? Incredible. But the last line is something I can relate to; wanting to get in touch with the world in a different way.

On my second day in Chicama, we headed out for a sunset session in the bay. I had been a little discouraged from the strong currents and my lack of paddle power in the afternoon at the point. But the beauty of being out 75-100 meters in the ocean, with new friends and a tangerine sky shook me. I felt that peace. I knew then that this is something I want to keep exploring.