2:37 PM

Whoa, another earthquake in central Mexico. The epicenter was in Morelos but it hit Ciudad de México really hard. We’re fine and didn’t feel it in Oaxaca. Seeing footage of rescuers in the rubble of a school makes my heart ache. Say Al-Fatiha for the victims. 😓

9:00 PM

After a few weeks of not having any characters for my upcoming writing project, I was getting worried. Sure enough, sitting at the beach today, six characters found me. I now have a protagonist for each novella, along with a few antagonists.

Embracing Your Theme

The WordPress theme for Among the Stones is almost perfect. I was thinking about post formats today; especially asides, statuses, and links. The asides don’t show dates in the meta info, signifying that an aside is more evergreen and lasting than say a status post. Links have shrunken titles to highlight authored posts like standard or others. It’s brilliant. My restless time of searching for newer and interesting themes has come to a close.

10:17 AM

Patricia and I have been trying vegetarianism for the last week and so far, so good! Mexico, despite its meat-loving cuisine, is actually a decent place for veggie eating. We didn’t eat pork or red meat before this so the transition has been pretty easy.