2:58 PM

It’s amazing how close a diverse group of strangers can get living together for a short time. It was hard saying goodbye to new friends at El Carrizo in Zipolite. But it’s a small world now insha’Allah we will meet again. Tomorrow, out of Oaxaca and onward to Chiapas! 🇲🇽

8:06 PM

I can’t understand the name change of my favorite VPN client Cloak to Encrypt.me. If you are interested in getting non-technical people safe and secure while on public wifi networks, making your name nerdier won’t help.

  • cloaks: phantoms of operas, Harry Potter, Dracula
  • encrypt: data, IT guy, nerd

The End of All Things: On losing oneself in the geography of fantasy worlds, from Middle Earth to Westeros

Professor and author Adrian Daub writing at Longreads:

Still, it’s hard to detach that middle position from its obvious Eurocentrism. The fantasy genre, cribbing as it does from our imaginary version of medieval Europe, seems wedded to an Atlantic Ocean setting firm limits to human curiosity to the west. There are clear remnants here of a colonialist mental geography. Think of all the maps of fantastic continents you know where the eastern lands are bigger, more savage, more mysterious. On every foldout map of Middle Earth there is a place called Rhûn (which is the word for “east” in Tolkien’s Elvish) on the eastern margin: the circumflex alone already signals that we’re far removed from the familiarity of the Shire. We learn nothing of it, other than that the people who live there are “Easterlings” in league with Sauron. As we get to the right-hand edge of fantasy maps, things get rather hazy, and not a little racist.