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Mammane and His Electronic Organ

Always on the hunt for new music — especially instrumental so I can play music during our IT classes without the distraction of lyrics — I came across Mammane Sani from Sahel Sounds, a music project/record label that focuses on music from Mauritania, Mali, and Niger. Mammane Sani lives in Niamey and his music is like a space lullaby.

Christopher Kirkley from Sahel Sounds:

“It was possibly the first Organ in Niger,” he explained. He began to compose songs on the organ. Many of these songs were interpretations of Niger folkloric classics. “I wanted to make the Wodaabe songs on the keyboard, make the Tuareg tendé with the rhythm,” he said. Some were his own compositions. Salamatu, one his most popular songs, was created for his girlfriend. He stopped as he came across her photo, how he once lay with his head in her lap, and tears came to his eyes. When she asked him why he was crying, he answered “Because I’ve never been so happy as I am in this moment.” He sits quietly, before I asked what happened to Salamatu, and he smiles before shaking his head and turning the page.

Check out Mammane Sani on Sahelsounds or Apple Music.

Dear Sierra Leone 🇸🇱, happy Independence Day and I miss you and your cassava leaf every day. I don té-o.

Jimmy Wales goes after fake news with Wikitribune

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has come out yesterday with a project that meshes journalism and the community-oriented wiki platform named Wikitribune. It will be crowdfunded and regular donors will have a say in what gets covered.

Greg Williams writing at WIRED:

Wales’s belief is that programmatic advertising has intensified “a race to the bottom” and led to some media organisations being unsustainable because of the high costs associated with news gathering. According to the trade association Digital Content Next, 90 per cent of growth in digital ad revenue over 2015 went to Facebook and Google, technology companies that don’t invest in journalism but have played a crucial role in the distribution of wilful misinformation during election cycles in western democracies.

After reading about the fake news industry, it’s obvious something is wrong. I want Wikitribune to succeed. While some are skeptical of this model, we should look into other avenues to correcting this divisive discourse.

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