Among the Stones

Let’s face it; many still believe Africa is a country. When I lived in Sierra Leone, acquaintances would message me to tell me about event X in country Y and if I was in harm’s way when usually the situation was thousands of kilometers away. There are numerous spaces online that show off travel writing and photography, but not many focus on West Africa in particular. Four years after leaving Sierra Leone, I’ve decided to put all the experiences to good use. Among the Stones will eventually become a space for travel essays and information for Upper Guinea and Sahelian countries like Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

Migrating Empty Blogs

I have a strange hobby; Whenever I have some free time, I start exploring different blog platforms, create them, tweak them, and delete them, all without putting any content into them. I’m a planner and this is my problem. I’ve been planning on making a site without making it. Part of my issue was scope—how broad or specific should I make each site? Do tech nerds want to read about Islamic theology or language learning? Will would-be travelers to West Africa want to scroll through Ottoman history blurbs?

Probably not.