Thursday 5:20 PM

Travel Question: For transportation, is there any just reason to charge foreigners more than locals? I get archeological/cultural sites to make it cheaper/easier for locals to enjoy those. But boat and bus rides?

How to Win Against Big Soda

Anna Lappé and Christina Bronsing-Lazalde in The New York Times:

We have only recently awakened to the alarm bell of sugary drinks. For years, these drinks were flagged for “empty calories” that lead to weight gain. Today, the public health community understands that consuming sugar — particularly in liquid form — increases risks of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, not to mention tooth decay. A 2010 study found that consuming just one to two sugary drinks a day increases your risk of developing diabetes by 26 percent.

While sugar is everywhere — in cookies and crackers, breads and pasta sauce — the single largest source in the American diet is sugary drinks. A 20-ounce Coca-Cola contains 65 grams of added sugar, significantly exceeding the American Heart Association’s daily maximum recommendation for adult women, 25 grams, and adult men, 36 grams.

It’s not hyperbolic to claim that sugary drinks pose a major public health threat. Nationally, we spent $245 billion on diabetes medical costs in 2012. By 2030 we could be spending as much as $818 billion on the direct medical costs of heart disease. Both illnesses are associated with the consumption of sugary drinks.

Monday 5:45 PM

I decided to hold off on a negative post about recent day in Guatemala. It doesn’t represent me or here well. We’re in Antigua now and it feels much more relaxed. Lake Atitlán next, then back to Antigua to hike Acatenango 🌋 and a bus to Nicaragua.