Tuscany from the lens of iPhone 8+

Om Malik visited Tuscany and took some incredible photos:

I don’t see any reason why anyone needs a point and shoot, or even a medium priced camera. Most of us don’t print photos. We share and consume photos on digital screens. And if these are good enough to be a desktop background, they are good enough for sharing. For me, smartphone photography is the future. One needs to learn how to make it professional grade by applying skills and not thinking about the camera.

My Year of Novellas

It has come! While others are banging out NaNoWriMo novels, I’m starting my own quest. I feel like I have a lot more worldbuilding to do but it’s time to actually put in the work of writing instead of talk about it. I’m in a hostel in Nicaragua with a good workspace, cheap and delicious groceries and food, and decent wifi.

I’ve reduced the number of countries I’m focusing on in my world to three and they have no names anymore; the Republic, the Confederacy, and the Theocracy. I plan on naming them soon, probably with the help of Vulgar. There are other countries that will come into play, but not feature any characters from those countries yet.

This week is outlining. My first story will focus on a Republican naval captain that heads upriver with his ship. Things go terribly wrong and he comes back totally changed. That’s all I’ve got so far. Using the Eva Deverell’s eight-stage plot formula, I’ll work with this to build an outline.

Good luck to NaNoWriMo participants or anyone else starting their own writing quests!